“Dawn displayed genuine care, interest and patience throughout my therapy. She made me feel very comfortable from the beginning with her warm and down-to-earth personality. Thanks to her patience and encouragement throughout the EMDR process, I was able to reach a level of acceptance and peace I previously imagined would be impossible. If it hadn’t been for Dawn and going through the EMDR healing process, I believe I would still be struggling with stress and anxiety caused by my unique traumatic experience. It was truly like a weight was lifted.” – ~L.G.

“I am to the point with swimming that I get lost in my own thoughts vs. crazy concentration on swimming itself.  You have made a HUGE difference for me.” ~ G.W., training for his first Half-Ironman

“Dawn was not only a safe and easy person to process with, she also gave me practical ways to address my anxiety challenges. Whether it’s work issues, family concerns, or personal struggles, she has been a knowledgeable therapist who gave me realistic tools and options to get to a happier and healthier place in my journey.” ~ S.E.

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