Specialty Areas



As a certified EMDR clinician and PEAT Processor, I help clients use the therapeutic opportunity to resolve past traumatic or life-shaping situations which are causing difficulty in present day life.

Performance Enhancement

I’ve enjoyed helping coach a youth cross country team for two years. In that, I’ve used various performance-enhancing strategies with these young runners. Whether a runner’s goal was to medal, to “just run the whole time,” or to simply wear a smile at the end of the race, these young folks are achieving their goals —— and so can you.

Are you stuck in not being able to achieve a certain goal? Are you an artist afraid of following through with a project? Do exams seem to paralyze you? Is there a promotion at work you desire, but fear is holding you back? You can unlock the hidden negative messages keeping you “stuck.” This process is helpful for athletes, musicians, writers, actors and students or anyone being held back in accomplishing certain goals.


It is truly a journey to identify all the things that make you uniquely you. Your sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity is a large piece of the puzzle and sometimes a challenging one. LGBTQ issues can shift relationships with family and friends and at times even lead to despairing thoughts of self harm. Here, you will find a safe place to process the many feelings that arise around this aspect of self-discovery.

Additionally, family members of an LGBTQ loved one can obtain support throughout the process of gaining understanding and maintaining relationships as your loved one embarks upon their journey of self-realization.

**In addition to these particular specialty areas, I have experience across many general issues, including but not limited to: Depression, Anxiety and overall lack of self-acceptance.