Scheduling & Fees


Appointments times are available primarily on Mondays and Tuesdays, with some limited weekend options. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and weekly. As individual situations are unique, I do offer some flexible scheduling options. At the beginning of treatment, together we will determine the most appropriate frequency and duration of appointments.

You may contact me by phone or e-mail to schedule an initial appointment.


Sessions are $95/hour. For different reasons (as noted above), sessions may be scheduled beyond the typical 60 minutes. When this is in order, there is a slight reduction in the hourly rate.

While I do not accept insurance, I will provide a statement of services/dates attended should you desire to submit such to your provider. This does not include completion of any forms your insurance provider may require in determining benefits.

I accept payment by cash, check, HSA and most major credit cards.


*Note, there is a charge – amount based on length of session time scheduled – for a “no show” or canceling an appointment in less than 24 hours from the scheduled time.